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Human beings’ characteristics are often fascinated because they are the only living creature who behave differently in the same circumstance. Human beings face many problems in their day-to-day life, resulting in severe injury, accident, or trauma. This is why Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tends to help people in various psychological problem-solving matters. This CBT Therapist course will let you know the magic wand behind the solutions of a different human behavioral problem.

Throughout the CBT Therapist course, you will be able to learn the cognitive behaviours of human being and thus, you will be able to successfully understand the solution. You will be able to help yourself or your near and dear ones who is suffering from different problems due to their attitude, thoughts and beliefs. As cognitive behaviour therapy will make you understand the psychology of human beings, you will be able to detect problems quickly than others. Moreover, successful completion of this CBT Therapist course will give you a new path to build your career as a cognitive behaviour therapist. If you want to help yourself and your near and dear ones safe from various behavioural disorders like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, behavioural difficulties in children, sleeping problems, chronic fatigues, chronic panic etc, then this is the perfect course for you!

Highlights of The Course

  • Different types of behavioural disorders
  • Symptoms of behavioural disorders
  • Details of fundamental cognitive behaviour
  • Reasons of developing anxiety attacks or chronic fatigues
  • How to diagnose behavioural difficulties in children
  • Key understanding of common eating disorders
  • Key factors to understand cognitive behavioural therapy
  • CPT approach as the best approach for the treatment of behavioural problems
  • Designing behaviourial experiments and exposure techniques


The CBT Therapist is a popular training course, ideal for anyone who is looking to understand the best approach for the treatment of behavioural disorders. If you want to gain a basic knowledge of CBT therapy, then this program is perfect for you.

Our online courses come with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection.

We pride ourselves on our supportive network of dedicated instructors and attentive customer service team who are dedicated to assisting you through your learning journey. Contact them at any time via email should you have any questions or queries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of behavioural disorders
  • Skills of a cognitive behavioural therapist
  • Dealing with anxiety disorders
  • Skills of structuring CBT sessions
  • Skills of psychotherapy and counselling
  • Being empathetic and considerate
  • Emotional strength and controlling power

Why Choose Skill Express?

  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • No hidden fees or exam charges

Who is this course for?

CBT Therapist Course is Designed By Qualified Professionals.

This comprehensive course is suitable for beginners and who want to gain a better understanding of CBT Therapist

Anyone who is interested in the treatment of behavioural disorders or anybody willing to be a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist can take this course.


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!

Certification of The Course

After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months


This CBT Therapist Course is designed by qualified professionals.

There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open for anyone interested in understanding CBT therapy. You just need to have little knowledge of psychotherapy or counselling!

Career path

This CBT Therapist Course opens a brand new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also provides you with the chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge at the side of needed skills to become flourishing in no time. You will also be able to add your qualifications to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive in your chosen industry. This course will impact your career in the following way,

  • Opens career opportunities as a CBT specialist
  • Makes you credible in any workplace seeking CBT Therapist

Course Curriculum

About the Tutor of This Course 00:02:00
About The CBT Therapist Course 00:02:00
CBT & Therapeutic principles
What is CBT (the CBT model) 00:07:00
NICE Guidelines 00:05:00
The Therapeutic Alliance, Trust and Empathy 00:07:00
Ethics of The Therapy 00:05:00
The Psychology & Causations of Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders: Categorisations 00:07:00
Core Psychopathology of Eating Disorders 00:07:00
Co-Morbid Psychiatric Illness 00:07:00
Social and Family Factors 00:08:00
Cognitive Factors 00:07:00
Emotional Factors 00:10:00
The Assessment & Planning
First Session – Assessment (risk Assessment and Motivation) 00:08:00
Dietary and Nutritional Issues 00:07:00
Setting Goals with The Client 00:07:00
Motivational Factors 00:07:00
CBT in Practice
Working with Anxiety 00:06:00
The Socratic Approach (Socratic Questioning) 00:07:00
Psychoeducation 00:04:00
The principle of ‘exposure.’ 00:08:00
Cognitive Restructuring 00:06:00
Working with Beliefs (shape, Weight, Food) 00:07:00
Behavioural Experiments 00:08:00
Reviewing & Wrapping up
Designing and Reviewing Action Plans 00:06:00
Concluding Therapy successfully 00:05:00
Follow up And Relapse Prevention 00:06:00

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  1. fantastic


    I much appreciate your efforts and this training. It was fantastic!

  2. amazing


    This intermediate level training was really instructive and updated my understanding of the most recent CBT techniques. Recommend to professionals looking to expand their expertise with an authorized and interesting online course.

  3. excellent


    Excellent course content and excellent course assistance. I took another one after finishing this fantastic course on one university.

  4. good training course


    Skillexpress offers good professional training in the UK, and I’ve been with them for a year. During the COVID-19 epidemic, I took various courses and learnt a lot about psychology, children, home and personal care. I truly loved this course and will suggest it to my friends as well. Thank you.

  5. awesome


    Hello, everyone! This course, in my honest view, offers you targeted and well-oriented stuff,

  6. beneficial


    The course is quite beneficial. 5/5, extremely simple and fascinating lessons


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