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In this competitive job market of present days, It is very challenging to hire the right person for your organisation. The hiring process can cause damage if it lacks a clear and consistent strategy. This course will provide you with the knowledge on how you can lessen the recruitment time by creating a robust hiring process. You will learn how to develop a great advertisement to attract the perfect candidate and offer a fair interview system to select employees. By enrolling in the course, you will be skilled in the tools and techniques to set up the perfect interview and recruiting environment in your organisation and thus boost productivity.

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After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months

Career path

  • Entrepreneur
  • Managing Director
  • Researcher
  • Business Owner
  • SME Owner
  • Job Holder

Course Curriculum

Hiring for Success
Module 01: History of the Interviewing Process 00:08:00
Module 02: The Recruitment and Selection Process 00:00:00
Module 03: Factors in the Hiring Process 00:05:00
Module 04: Cost Analysis 00:07:00
Module 05: Job Analysis and Position Profiles 00:00:00
Module 06: Determining the Skills You Need 00:05:00
Module 07: Finding Candidates 00:09:00
Module 08: Advertising Guidelines 00:09:00
Module 09: Screening Resumes 00:00:00
Module 10: Performance Assessments 00:11:00
Module 11: Problems Recruiters Face 00:00:00
Module 12: Interviewing Barriers 00:00:00
Module 13: Non-Verbal Communication 00:06:00
Module 14: Types of Questions 00:12:00
Module 15: Case Study 00:08:00
Module 16: Traditional vs Behavioral Interviews 00:09:00
Module 17: Other Types of Questions 00:07:00
Module 18: The Critical Incident Technique 00:07:00
Module 19: Listening for Answers 00:12:00
Module 20: Difficult Applicants 00:30:00
Module 21: Interview Preparation and Format 00:11:00
Module 22: Other Interview Techniques 00:09:00
Module 23: Scoring Responses 00:03:00
Module 24: Checking References 00:10:00
Module 25: Human Rights 00:06:00
Assignment : Hiring for Success 00:00:00

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