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Do you want to build a perfect and beautiful body but you are afraid of going to a gymnasium? Or you are too busy to afford to go to a gymnasium to plan for your dream body? Do not lose hope and stop dreaming! TRX exercises can give you the best outcome of muscle building and fat losing and can make a great deal to you as the best alternative of the traditional gym! This Muscle Building and Lose Fat course will let you know everything about the TRX workout plan that can give you eye-catching muscle with a slim fit body, that too saving your time and fitting in your budget!

Throughout the Muscle Building and Lose Fat course you will get an overview of how the TRX workout and meal plan can help you reach towards your goal. The complete package can boost your fitness and strengthen your body even exercising at home! Moreover, successful completion of this Muscle Building and Lose Fat course will open new doors of career opportunity as a trainer as well as make you suitable enough to guide your near and dear ones who want to build muscle and lose fat, anywhere and anytime!

Highlights of The Course

  • Full TRX workout program
  • Step-by-step muscle building formula
  • Knowledge of different nutrition and supplements
  • Diet and workout plans for building muscle and losing fat
  • Designing perfect day-to-day meal
  • Full workout plan for beginners
  • Various techniques of losing fat
  • Combination of TRX and Cardio for burning calories
  • Forming focused fitness goals
  • Everything you need to know about the nutrition plan


The Muscle Building and Lose Fat is a popular training course, ideal for anyone who is looking forward to build muscle and lose fat. If you want to gain a basic knowledge of how to build muscle and lose fat, then this program is perfect for you.

Our online courses come with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection.

We pride ourselves on our supportive network of dedicated instructors and attentive customer service team who are dedicated to assisting you through your learning journey. Contact them at any time via email should you have any questions or queries.

Skills You Will Master

  • Skills of a fitness trainer
  • Skills of a workout coach
  • Skills of a nutrition coach
  • Focusing and being disciplined
  • Being active and energetic
  • Being empathetic and considerate
  • Physical strength and controlling power

Why Choose Skill Express?

  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • No hidden fees or exam charges

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who is interested in building muscle and losing fat or anybody willing to be a fitness coach can take this course.

Certification of The Course

After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


This course is designed by qualified professionals.

There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open for anyone interested in muscle building and fat losing.

Career Path

 This Muscle Building and Lose Fat course opens a brand new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also provides you with the chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge at the side of needed skills to become flourishing in no time. You will also be able to add your qualifications to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive in the industry making you more credible in your work. The career opportunities are:

  • TRX Workout Trainer
  • TRX Bodyweight Planner
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Fitness Coach
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Gym Manager
  • Fitness Model

Course Curriculum

Introduction & What you will learn 00:03:00
TRX explained: Why it can be better than normal exercise 00:02:00
TRX Fundamentals
Who is TRX for? 00:03:00
What are the benefits of TRX? 00:03:00
Most common TRX mistakes 00:03:00
How to set up your TRX trainer system 00:03:00
Your TRX Workout
The TRX Workout Plan 00:05:00
How to progress with your TRX workout 00:05:00
The right warm up 00:01:00
Dynamic stretching routine 00:03:00
Exercise Videos
Compound vs isolation exercises 00:02:00
TRX Bicep Curl 00:01:00
TRX Body Row 00:01:00
TRX Chest Flyes 00:01:00
TRX Chest Press 00:01:00
TRX Hamstring Curl 00:01:00
TRX Lunge and Row 00:01:00
TRX Lunges 00:01:00
TRX Pike Press 00:01:00
TRX Plank 00:01:00
TRX Push Up 00:01:00
TRX Side Plank 00:01:00
TRX Single Leg Squats 00:01:00
TRX Squats 00:01:00
TRX Triceps Extensions 00:01:00
TRX Y Flyes 00:01:00
TRX And Cardio
How to combine TRX and Cardio 00:04:00
TRX Cardio routine 00:03:00
Boosting Your Results
Boosting your results overview 00:01:00
Step by step muscle building formula 00:07:00
Should you train fasted? 00:07:00
Best Beginner Supplements 00:04:00
Assignment – TRX Bodyweight Workout: Build Muscle And Lose Fat At Home 00:30:00

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