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There appears a meme often doubting the diet and workout that says, cows eat greens and walk whole day yet they are so big! Creepy thing! They are fine to be bigger, however. But do you want to stay unfit? Rather not! I have seen so many of us human having cabbage and carrots and complaining about not losing weight. That is because they are not doing it right! Eating greens and exercising hard cannot be the solution, doing it right is.

You have to understand that your body actually needs some good fat which is healthy and if you cut protein or carb totally that will cause problems for your health. You need an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet that helps you keep healthy and energetic. There are some food habit and preparation style that boost immunity and metabolism while doing it wrong can do the opposite. You can prevent diseases with proper meal planning and the right exercises. Here in this Nutrition Masterclass course, you will get all this knowledge with effective guidelines. There will much more important discussion come up as the course unfolds. Hope you enjoy and get benefit from this great arrangement for you!

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Highlights of The Course

  • Meal planning for a healthy body
  • An idea about types of food and their functions 
  • How to take every type of food and make a balanced diet
  • How to cook the food in the right way for preserving the goodness inside
  • Food preparation for muscle growth and boosting immune, metabolism and energy

 Skills You Will Master

  • Diet plan for good health
  • Knowledge about food and types of food
  • Proper meal for preventing disease
  • Learning about nutrition and food-related hacks
  • Healthy eating 
  • Healthy lifestyle

Career path

  • Fitness instructor
  • Healthy eating supervisor 
  • Healthy lifestyle counsellor 
  • Online healthy life influencer

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone wishes to gain knowledge about dieting, healthy eating and meal planning


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months

Course Curriculum

Nutrition Masterclass
Introduction and What you will learn 00:04:00
Who this course is for 00:02:00
What is nutrition 00:02:00
The principles of healthy dieting 00:05:00
The true dieting pyramid 00:04:00
Meal Planning Basics
Calories Explained 00:04:00
Protein Explained 00:03:00
How Much Fat Should You Eat per day 00:04:00
Bodyweight and health 00:05:00
How Much Carbs should you eat per day 00:02:00
Calories and bodyweight in a healthy diet 00:02:00
Food composition intro 00:03:00
Protein Composition 00:02:00
Carbohydrate Composition 00:03:00
Fat Composition 00:02:00
Macros intro 00:01:00
The twinkie diet 00:02:00
Weight loss and health 00:03:00
How many calories do you need daily? 00:02:00
Setting Up Your Diet
How To Determin Your Optimal 00:03:00
How to track calories 00:05:00
Healthy weight ranges 00:02:00
How to lose weight if you are close to the ideal 00:03:00
How to lose weight when you starting from a higher weight 00:02:00
Diet breaks 00:05:00
How to lose weight without tracking your calories 00:05:00
Overview food composition 00:03:00
Protein needs for overall health 00:03:00
Overview Macronutrients 00:03:00
Nutrient Timing Intro 00:02:00
Nutrient Timing Facts 00:04:00
Nutrient Timing Recommendations 00:03:00
Supplements intro 00:04:00
Why Multivitamins aren’t a good idea 00:03:00
Supplements for vegans and vegetarians 00:03:00
Supplements for joint health 00:02:00
Supplements for improved sleep 00:02:00
Supplements for better memory and focus 00:02:00
Supplements Overview 00:01:00
Healthy Dieting
Basics of healthy dieting 00:03:00
Dieting myth #1 Carbs are bad for you 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #2 Fat is bad for you 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #3 Protein is bad for you 00:04:00
Dieting Myth #4 Eating Eggs Raises cholesterol 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #5 Avoid Salt At All Cost 00:01:00
Dieting Myth #6 Eat several small meals to lose weight 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #7 Diet Foods Lead To Fat Loss 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #8 Red Meat Causes Cancer 00:03:00
Common Dieting Trends Explained
Gluten Free Diet Explained 00:04:00
Paleo Diet Explained 00:04:00
Low Carb Diet Explained 00:04:00
Intermittend Fasting Explained 00:04:00
Vegan Diet Explained 00:06:00
Micronutrients Introduction 2 00:01:00
Vitamin A 00:02:00
Vitamin B 00:02:00
Vitamin C 00:02:00
Vitamin D 00:02:00
Vitamin E 00:02:00
Vitamin K 00:02:00
Calcium 00:02:00
Magnesium 00:02:00
Phosphorus 00:02:00
Potassium 00:02:00
Sodium 00:01:00
Copper 00:02:00
Iron 00:01:00
Zinc 00:02:00
water 00:05:00
More Dieting Tips & Strategies
Diet myths into 00:01:00
How to naturally increase testosterone 00:07:00
How to read a nutrition label 00:04:00
Making changes towards a healthier diet 00:04:00
Assignment : Nutrition Masterclass 00:30:00

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