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With all the rational decision-making that goes on and the problem solving that we do, some people are very uncomfortable having to decide. You may know someone who’s having a hard time choosing what to eat, never mind the internal grappling they’re going through to make big decisions at work. We make decisions, and we solve problems actively. Before we even get out of bed (shall I get up now or not?) we start making decisions. Often we’ll have made as many as 50 decisions by the time we leave for work. The secret to creative solutions is not just creativity, but it will help. The secret lies in our ability to identify and research alternatives and then organise things in a way that works. Having a working mechanism would take the stress out of problem-solving and facilitate decision-making. The key lies in our ability to define alternatives, study them, and then arrange things in a way that works. Having a mechanism by which to work will take the tension out of problem-solving and promote decision making. That’s what this Problem Solving and Decision Making course is all about.

This course focuses on addressing problems, finding creative solutions to improve performance and attaining a competitive advantage. Throughout this course of problem-solving and decision-making, you will learn how to apply problem-solving steps and tools, analyse information to describe problems clearly, identify suitable solutions, think creatively and be a contributing member of a problem-solving team, and choose the best approach to decision making. The course is designed to create a plan for implementing, assessing, and monitoring decisions as well as avoiding common mistakes in decision making. Overall, this course will allow you to pursue a wide range of skills for a rewarding career or scope to pursue more high-level training.

Why Choose Skill Express?
  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • No hidden fees or exam charges

Highlights of The Course

  • This course incorporates both theoretical and practical skills for a problem solving and decision making mind
  • It defines problem-solving, decision making and problem identification
  • It discusses the types of decision making
  • This course intended to provide a detailed overview of the problem-solving model
  • This course discusses the creative thinking methods
  • This course enlighten about group decisions

Who Will Be Benefited from This Course?

This Problem Solving and Decision Making course are recommended to everyone as it relates to your everyday and professional life. Innovative thinking & innovative solving of problems will help you boost your competitive edge. With the right problem-solving and decision-making skills, teamwork can be promoted, and company performance development opportunities enabled. 

How Will You Benefit?

  • Develop your professional career in problem-solving and decision making 
  • Deepen your expertise and skills in just hours and not years in your chosen field
  • Study a course designed by professionals working in the industry
  • Save time and money by researching your convenient time 
  • Get access to a tutor whenever you need to

Why Shall You Train with Us?

  • Quality course developed by qualified professionals out of high quality and updated resources
  • Quickly demonstrated and interactive lessons almost diminish the gap between virtual and physical training
  • We provide a well-recognised PDF certificate
  • 100 per cent online self-paced courses with 24/7 tutor/customer support
  • Quickly adaptable and always available courses designed to learn in any device


Once you finish all the modules of the course, you are required to write an assignment/sit on a multiple-choice exam. Our trainers assess the assignments. The pass mark of Multiple Choice Question exam is 60%.


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months

Career Path

This comprehensive course is the ideal way to kick-start your career in problem-solving and decision-making preparation. This accepted course will provide you with a competitive advantage throughout your career, making you stand out from all other applicants and staff. This problem-solving and decision-making course opens a whole new door for you to reach the related job market as well as helping you to gain in-depth expertise alongside the skills required to succeed in no time. You may also add your skills to your curriculum vitae, develop your career and become more successful in your chosen field.

Course Curriculum

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Module 01: Definitions 00:24:00
Module 02: Making Decisions 00:27:00
Module 03: The Problem Solving Model 00:28:00
Module 04: The Problem Solving Toolkit 00:18:00
Module 05: Aspirina 00:11:00
Module 06: Swotting Up 00:04:00
Module 07: Making Good Group Decisions 00:18:00
Module 08(Supplement): Making Good Group Decisions 00:08:00
Module 09: Analysing and Selecting Solutions 00:05:00
Module 10: Planning and Organising 00:05:00
Assignment: Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making 00:30:00

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