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Who does not love mysteries? The most mysterious thing about human beings is their psychology. Do you find psychology fascinating? Does the idea of knowing what is under someone’s mind often makes you amazed? Well, psychology is something that has many dimensions and with each dimension, it can lead to a new diversified path. The great ocean of the human mind will make you driven away with all its vast mystery-as there are always new cases, new incidents, and new studies! This Psychology course will let you know different visions of psychology, that you will be fascinated and amazed to learn!

Throughout this Psychology course, you will be enable to understand the logic behind different human behaviours also you will learn elaborately how to control them. You will also get an idea about the importance of social and cognitive development and the theories behind them. This course will also provide you with the importance of mental wellbeing at different ages. Moreover, successful completion of this Psychology course will open more doors for the career of a psychologist and more mysteries for you to dig in!

Highlights of The Course

  • Basic knowledge of psychology
  • Symptoms of atypical behaviours
  • Treatment of different psychological problems
  • The necessity of social and cognitive development
  • Stages of the child development process
  • Key factors of different psychological behaviours
  • Details of fundamental cognitive behaviour
  • Understanding social psychology in various circumstances
  • Current debates and incidents of psychology


This Psychology is a popular training course, ideal for anyone who is looking to understand human psychology elaborately. If you want to gain a basic knowledge of psychology, then this program is perfect for you.

Our online courses come with lifetime access with no time limit for completion. Each course is fully accessible from a tablet, mobile, or laptop, as long as there is a secure internet connection.

We pride ourselves on our supportive network of dedicated instructors and attentive customer service team who are dedicated to assisting you through your learning journey. Contact them at any time via email should you have any questions or queries.

Skills You Will Master

  • Skills of a psychologist
  • Assessing psychological problems and making solutions quickly
  • Dealing with psychological disorders
  • Skills of structuring psychological sessions
  • Skills of psychotherapy and counselling
  • Being empathetic and considerate
  • Emotional strength and controlling power

Why Choose Skill Express

  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • No hidden fees or exam charges

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who is interested in psychology or anybody willing to be a psychologist can take this course.


After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


Psychology is Designed By Qualified Professionals

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds
  • An interest in studying Psychology
  • A desire to study an advanced form of Psychology

Career Path

This Psychology course opens a brand new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also provides you with the chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge at the side of needed skills to become flourishing in no time. You will also be able to add your qualifications to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive in the industry making you more credible in your work.

Course Curriculum

Perspectives in Psychology
What is Psychology 00:08:00
The Biological Approach 00:10:00
Behaviourist and Cognitive Approaches 00:10:00
Person-Centred Approaches 00:09:00
Debates in Psychology 00:13:00
Social Psychology
Social Influence: Compliance, Obedience and Conformity 00:10:00
Social Cognition 00:09:00
Applied Social Psychology 00:10:00
Cognitive Psychology and Its Applications
Perception 00:10:00
Attention 00:08:00
Research Methods in Psychology 00:12:00
Remembering (Memory) 00:10:00
Forgetting (Memory) 00:08:00
Language 00:11:00
Thinking (Cognition) 00:08:00
Attitudes 00:10:00
Problem-Solving and Artificial Intelligence 00:09:00
Child Development
Issues in Child Development 00:06:00
Cognitive Development 00:07:00
The Development of Language and Communication 00:07:00
Social Perception (Interpersonal Perception) 00:06:00
Moral Development 00:09:00
The Psychology of Atypical (Abnormal) Behaviour
The definition and Diagnosis of Atypical (Abnormal) Behaviour 00:07:00
Treatments of Atypical (Abnormal) Behaviour 00:08:00
Emotional disorders 00:06:00
Research Methods
Research Methods 00:07:00
Research Issues 00:06:00
Data Analysis 00:07:00

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