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How can you make your dream come true if you do not want to take the risk for building something big out of scratch? Then again, what happens if you take the risk with a proper idea of managing the procedure when you take a chance? You become confident about your plan and work, which can make your task 50 per cent done. In this course, we aim to show you the managing skill of risks, building courage and confidence inside you and make it happen.

Training on anything is a real tough job to pull off perfectly. A trainer has to possess some different qualities that make him better than others so that people would buy his words. Being a practical trainer on any aspect needs a lot of practices and struggles behind. A quality course on the advanced skills that a trainer has to accomplish is very much important for a trainer to prosper in his career. 

Our course Skills for Practical Trainer will help you to learn different learning processes and styles. With knowledge of it, you will be able to design flexible training programs that are perfect for any learners. Successful completion of the course will strengthen your skills in creating an energetic, interesting learning environment for the learners instead of a boring one. It will be an important addition to your personal growth and development as well. 

Key Features of This Course

  • The role and competency of a good trainer
  • Different stages of the learning process
  • Different types of learning styles
  • How to create a good learning environment and design considerations
  • How to over-plan and over-prepare about a training programme
  • Techniques of easy de-stressing and motivations
  • Techniques of anticipating challenges and planning for success
  • Techniques of being an effective communicator through visual aids and discussion
  • Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation

Who Can Take This Course

Anyone who is willing to plan their career in practical training, or willing to train people on a certain topic.

Why Should You Choose This Course

We assure you to give the most efficient outcome of what you desire:

  • We design our courses very tactfully so that it becomes effective for the future life of the learner
  • We nurture the potential and willingness of our learners and try to offer the rich contents to them
  • We give our full resource to research and design to give our learners a perfect course
  • Our course is easier to comprehend and smoother to understand to gain a brief idea and implement it
  • We try to make our learners think broadly about a topic and capture their interest and attention

Course Curriculum

Skills for Practical Trainer
Module 01: Understanding Learning 00:04:00
Module 02: Competencies for Adult Educators 00:05:00
Module 03: Accommodating Learning Preferences 00:35:00
Module 04: Increasing Your Expertise 00:15:00
Module 05: Using Existing Materials 00:15:00
Module 06: Managing the Stress of Training 00:15:00
Module 07: Planning a Workshop 00:18:00
Module 08: Preparing Visual Aids 00:08:00
Module 09: Your Role as an Effective Communicator 00:04:00
Module 10: Questioning as a Training Technique 00:05:00
Module 11: Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation 00:21:00
Module 12: On-the-Job Support 00:03:00
Module 13: Dealing with Difficult Situations 00:03:00
Module 14: Training in Different Forums 00:08:00
Module 15: Webinar 00:06:00
Module 16: Team Teaching 00:03:00
Module 17: Training Preparation 00:05:00

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