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What makes a better team? An outstanding performance of some skilled members under the supervision of a dynamic leader?

Well, that’s a better definition. But a team is more than how you outline it.

A better team brings the best on the table end of the day. Meanwhile, behind the scene, they grow up together, experiencing peaks and valleys. A better team requires synchronicity of many different personalities of different stories, the team makes the people come on the same page, and it certainly needs the implication of best strategies. They set their goal and run together to reach their peak. One fall, others extend their hands to lift them up; they touch the milestone together. There is no individual game; it is all about becoming us.

Right, building a better team basically leads to becoming harmoniously together. When you step forward to build your dream team, you must know yourself, the type of team you are going to form, what is your goal and most importantly, who your teammates are. This course takes you to a tour of the things you need to earn for building better teams.

Key features of this course:

  • A wholesome knowledge for making the best team
  • Types of teams, norms of a team, about a team contract
  • How to know your teammates better to make the best use of their potential
  • How to build trust, effective communication and a powerful connection
  • Team Building in a Virtual Setting
  • The keys to becoming a better listener

Course Overview:

There are several types of team based on different settings and circumstances. You should know the nature of your team first to set the goal. Next comes the goal of the team. The goal determines the work strategy you will follow and what type of people will tune in for such tasks. Formation of a team goes through various stages. The team members learn how to fit themselves in, receive their training effectively and apply their skills with warmth and dedication. This course focuses on the growth of team members in a collective setting; building a relationship based on active communication, trust and dedication. The learner will learn the skills to be a well-versed performer as well as a zestful team player. Lastly, the course emphasises on keeping on the track of reaching the team’s goal mining the best from the team members and the unity of the team. There are also guidelines for managing teams in the ‘work from home’ era.

Who should take this course?

  • If you are leading a team in any setting
  • If you are working in a team in any setting
  • If you are thinking of forming any team for any job
  • If you are interested in human resource management
  • If you work as a human resource employee

Aims of the Course:

By the end of this course, the learners will know about:

  • What is a team
  • Types of team
  • Forming a team
  • How to establish a team norm
  • How to make a better connection
  • How should a team contract be
  • Characteristics of better teams
  • Team player type
  • Team playing style
  • Figuring out the team’s weakness and strengthens
  • Turning weakness into strength
  • Becoming a better listener and team player
  • Maintaining an online team successfully


  1. Do I have to fill up any requirements to do the course?
    Answer: There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrollment on this course. It is available for all learners from all academic backgrounds.
  2. Who can take this course?
    Answer: Anyone who is interested can take this course.
  3. If I take the course, how will I be assessed?
    Answer: Once you complete all the modules of the course, you are required to write an assignment/sit on a multiple-choice exam.
  4. How will I be evaluated?
    Answer: Our trainers assess the assignments. The pass mark of Multiple Choice Question exam is 60%.
  5. Can I do another course after completing it?
    Answer: Yes! You can do as many courses as you want.

Course Curriculum

Team Building Course
Module 01: Defining Teams 00:10:00
Module 02: Establishing Team Norms 00:20:00
Module 03: Working as a Team 00:05:00
Module 04: Your Team Player Type 00:30:00
Module 05: Building Team Trust 00:05:00
Module 06: The Stages of Team Development 00:15:00
Module 07: Virtual Teams 00:24:00
Module 08: Communication 00:14:00
Module 09: Becoming a Good Team Player 00:05:00

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