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Felix Harder, a professional coach and an author, shared his insight of life coaching, holistic health coaching and wellness coaching. He discussed the coaching models, importance of exercising, stress management techniques, hormone health and endocrine system. Wellness Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to start their own life coaching business and help others reach their life skills goals.

In this course, Felix Harder knowledge is described in a step by step process. This course, Wellness Coaching will teach you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of good coaching techniques and exercises and how to design an action plan for you or your clients. This course thoroughly reflects knowledge about how to live a well-balanced life. It will provide you with all the resources you need to help others achieve their goals of life skills. This course is not only for professionals but also for beginners who want to refine their mental health. You don’t have to have to be a coach/therapist/life coach or have any students yet. All you need is an interest in the field to get started!

Highlights of The Wellness Coaching Course

  • About life coaching fundamentals
  • Understanding 5 big personality traits
  • Techniques of personality development
  • Description of coaching models
  • Advantages and disadvantages of coaching models
  • Techniques on setting goals
  • Knowledge about creating caching programmes
  • Step by step knowledge for becoming a coach
  • Advanced coaching techniques
  • About the food that is nutritional
  • Knowledge of exercising
  • Understanding hormones and body structure
  • Lesson on dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Keys to understanding emotional self-care

Skills You Will Master

  • Gain knowledge about life coaching
  • Choosing the right path for a successful life
  • How to become a personal development life coach
  • The motive of life and techniques for a balanced life

Why Choose Skill Express?

  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • No hidden fees or exam charges

Who Is This Wellness Coaching Course For?

  • Anybody wanting to learn about life skills
  • Anybody interested in coaching others
  • Anyone wanting to extend their coaching business
  • Anyone Willing to help and motivate others


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


After completing the course, you will be eligible for a PDF Certificate which will cost only £2.99, with your unique ID number so that you/ the employers can verify through our website. You can also have your imprinted certificate delivered via post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we recommend that our learners renew the certificate every twelve months.

Career Path

  • Personality development  coach
  • Adviser
  • Personality development  and life skill counsellor
  • Youtube influencer

Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn from Life Coaching Masterclass 00:04:00
What Is Life Coaching 00:05:00
The Benefits Of Becoming A Life Coach 00:04:00
The Difference Between Coaching, Therapy, Mentoring & Training 00:03:00
The Responsibilities Of A Life Coach 00:03:00
Coaching Fundamentals
Coaching Fundamentals Overview 00:03:00
Listening Introduction 00:03:00
The 3 Kinds Of Listening As A Coach 00:05:00
Your Listening Template 00:11:00
Questioning Introduction 00:02:00
Questioning & Coaching 00:04:00
How Coaching Questions Are Different From Normal Questions 00:02:00
The Different Types Of Coaching Questions 00:12:00
Questions Summary 00:04:00
Building Trust Introduction 00:02:00
The Trust Checklist Exercise 00:03:00
How To Build Trust As A Coach 00:08:00
More Trust Building Strategies 00:05:00
Understanding Personalities
Understanding Personalities Overview 00:04:00
Big Five Personality Model 00:03:00
Myers Briggs Personality Model 00:04:00
Your Personality Model 00:09:00
How To Bring Out Your Strengths With This Model 00:10:00
Coaching Models Explained
Coaching Models Introduction 00:03:00
GROW Model Explained 00:05:00
STEPPPA Model Explained 00:09:00
FUEL Model Explained 00:03:00
CLEAR Model Explained 00:05:00
Why We Will Use The GROW Model 00:02:00
Coaching Step 1: Goal Setting
Step 1 Introduction 00:03:00
Why Defining Your Values Is Important 00:03:00
How To Define Your Personal Values 00:06:00
What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like? 00:05:00
The 4 Biggest Goal Setting Mistakes To Avoid 00:07:00
Stretch Goals Explained 00:04:00
Why You Should Start With Long Term Goals 00:05:00
Setting Your First Long Term Goal 00:06:00
Turning Long Term Goals Into Short Term Goals 00:05:00
Next Steps 00:01:00
Coaching Step 2: Reality
Step 2 Introduction 00:02:00
Status Quo Explained 00:07:00
Wheel Of Life Excercise Explained 00:07:00
Big Rocks Exercise Explained 00:05:00
Coaching Example Step 2 00:05:00
Coaching Step 3: Options and Obstacles
Step 3 Introduction 00:02:00
How To Brainstorm With Your Client(s) 00:05:00
How To Evaluate Your Brainstorming Ideas 00:05:00
“Spheres Of Influence” Excerise Explained 00:03:00
“Not To Do List” Exercise Explained 00:05:00
Coaching Example Step 3 00:08:00
Coaching Step 4: Will & Action Planning
Step 4 Introduction 00:02:00
The 80/20 Rule Applied To Coaching 00:05:00
How To Design An Action Plan 00:04:00
Coaching Example Step 4 00:06:00
GROW Model Recap 00:03:00
How To Structure Your Coaching Sessions
Structuring Your Sessions Introduction 00:02:00
How To Define Your Coaching Ground Rules 00:04:00
How Much Should You Charge 00:03:00
The Pre Coaching Call 00:04:00
Your First Coaching Session 00:03:00
Progress Evaluation Sessions 00:05:00
My Recommended Coaching Timeline 00:03:00
Client Coach Relationship
Client Coach Relationship Intro 00:01:00
What Clients Expect From Their Coaches 00:04:00
Why Clients Choose One Coach Over Another 00:02:00
Client Coach Boundaries 00:02:00
How To Retain Clients Long Term 00:06:00
Advanced Coaching Strategies
Advanced Coaching Strategies Introduction 00:02:00
Reframing Explained 00:07:00
Managing Emotional States 00:08:00
Understanding Representational Systems 00:08:00
Personal SWOT Analysis 00:07:00
Johari Window – Developing Self Awareness 00:05:00
Giving Good Feedback As A Coach 00:05:00
Part 2 Introduction 00:03:00
What It Means To Be Healthy 00:05:00
What Does A Health Coach Do? 00:03:00
How Can You Combine Life Coaching & Health Coaching 00:02:00
Diet & Nutrition Fundamentals
Diet Introduction 00:01:00
The Consequences Of Following A Bad Diet 00:04:00
How To Eat For Longevity 00:02:00
What Are Calories? Explained 00:02:00
How Much Of Each (Protein, Carbs, Fat)? 00:05:00
The Relationship Between Bodyweight And Health 00:05:00
The Surprising Results Of The Twinkie Diet 00:02:00
The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Health 00:03:00
Figuring Out How Many Daily Calories You Need 00:02:00
Calculating Your Total Daily Calories 00:04:00
Healthy Weight Ranges 00:02:00
The Best Foods For A Healthier Life 00:02:00
Best Protein Foods 00:02:00
Best Carbohydrate Foods 00:01:00
Best Dietary Fat Foods 00:01:00
How Much Of Each (Protein, Carbs, Fat)? 00:05:00
What About The Remaining Calories 00:02:00
Diet and Nutrition Coaching
Client Assessment Introduction 00:02:00
Client Interview 00:05:00
How To Create A Diet Plan For Clients 00:10:00
Calculating BMI 00:03:00
Exercise Coaching: Cardio
Cardio Introduction 00:02:00
The Different Types Of Cardio 00:03:00
Creating A Cardio Workout For A Client 00:05:00
How To Monitor Your Heart Rate During A Workout 00:03:00
Cardio vs Weigh Training – Which Is Better For Weight Loss 00:07:00
Exercise Coaching: Resistance Training
Weight Training Introduction 00:02:00
Muscle Building Formula 00:08:00
The Science Behind Muscle Growth 00:04:00
Weight Training vs Bodyweight Training 00:03:00
How To Create A Beginner Workout Plan 00:09:00
5 Most Important Aspects of Lifting Form 00:04:00
Progressive Overload 00:03:00
Hormone Health Explained
Hormones Introduction 00:02:00
The 3 Types Of Hormones 00:04:00
The Endocrine System Explained 00:05:00
Hormones & Heart Disease 00:04:00
Anabolic Steroids: Why They Are So Dangerous 00:04:00
Most Important Hormones Overview 00:01:00
Insulin 00:05:00
Glucagon 00:03:00
Adrenaline 00:04:00
Cortisol 00:05:00
Ghrelin 00:03:00
Leptin 00:03:00
Thyroid Hormones 00:03:00
Estrogen 00:03:00
Growth Hormone 00:02:00
Testosterone 00:04:00
How To Build Your Own Supplement Stack 00:09:00
Top 3 Beginner Supplements For Muscle Growth 00:05:00
The Best Supplements To Boost Immunity 00:04:00
The Best Supplements For Vegans & Vegetarians 00:03:00
The Best Supplements For Joint & Bone Health 00:04:00
The Best Supplements For Fat Loss 00:05:00
Health & Fitness Motivation
Health & Fitness Motivation Introduction 00:02:00
Health & Fitness FAQ Answered
What Is Nutrient Density 00:04:00
Is Brown Sugar Better Than White Sugar 00:03:00
What Should You Train On Your First Day At The Gym? 00:08:00
Are Microwaves Harmful? 00:05:00
Fresh vs Frozen Food: Which Is Healthier 00:04:00
Part 3 Introduction 00:09:00
Stress Management
The Difference Between Stress & Anxiety 00:03:00
Short vs Long Term Stress 00:03:00
The Effects Of Stress and Anxiety On Your Body 00:06:00
Proven Stress Management Strategies & Techniques 00:03:00
The Benefits Of Calm Breathing 00:03:00
Breathing Exercise #1 – Three Part Breath 00:02:00
Breathing Exercise #2 – Bellows Breath 00:02:00
Progressive Muscle Relaxation 00:04:00
Complete PMR Routine 00:08:00
Sleeping For A Longer Life 00:04:00
Tips To Fall Asleep Faster 00:03:00
Supplements For Improved Sleep 00:03:00
Emotional Self Care
What Is Emotional Self Care 00:05:00
How To Accept Yourself 00:03:00
Taming Your Inner Critic 00:06:00
Getting A Different Perspecitive 00:05:00
Acknowledging Your Qualities 00:04:00
Getting Rid Of Time Consuming Commitments 00:06:00
How To Say “No” To Others 00:05:00

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  1. wellness course


    I’ve always been interested in wellness couching but have never had the opportunity to take a class. Offline courses are time-consuming and expensive. Thank goodness, one course came with a terrific package. I signed up the soon I saw it advertised online. It has fantastic information.

  2. couching materials


    Beginner and intermediate learners will benefit from this course. This is good learning material.

  3. best !!!!


    This training provided me with in-depth knowledge and professional photographic methods. It was a fantastic online course. Thank you very much.

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    The material of the course is great. It was amazing.

  5. I was pleasantly pleased!


    The person who created the course must be a professional at couching! Even though I’ve been practicing couching for three years, I found the course to be incredible and learnt so many new methods, this course comes highly recommended.

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    Very good systemization and presentation.
    I’m very satisfied to have taken up this course.


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