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In many industrial settings, the use of abrasive wheels is extensive. Abrasive wheels are some powered wheels used in grinding machines widely. Just as using abrasive wheels has been a great help, it does come with its downsides. About 50% of the accidents with abrasive wheels happen in England due to lack of proper operating knowledge. And you would certainly not want to fall in that list.

Abrasive wheels serve an enormous range of purposes within the industry, from grinding and dressing to cutting, and on a variety of materials. And working behind it takes profound training in this field. The user needs proper training to operate abrasive wheels to keep the workplace safe from accidents while abiding by the relevant regulations. That is why the employers must ensure that their employees are well-trained in the relevant field. 

Our Abrasive Wheels Training Course is perfect for anyone willing to work behind industrial-grade abrasive wheels. Our course focuses on equipping the learner with knowledge of operation and maintenance concerning abrasive wheels along with the legal requirements. Thus, you will be able to minimise risks at your workplace.

Why us?

  • Quality course developed by qualified professionals out of high quality and  updated resources
  • Easily demonstrated and interactive lessons almost diminish the gap between virtual and physical training.
  • CPD accredited courses!
  • We provide A well-recognised PDF certificate.
  • 100 per cent online self-paced courses with 24/7 tutor/customer support
  • Quickly adaptable and always available courses designed to learn in any device

Lessons We Covered in This Course.

  • Awareness of the risk of using abrasive wheels;
  • The regulations  governing the use of abrasive wheels;
  • How to avoid the risk factors easily to diminish threats of injuries and health issues;
  • Detailed guidelines for using abrasive wheels in the workplace

Skills You Will Master

  • Knowledge of abrasive wheels
  • Relevant legal obligations
  • Avoiding any risks in your working sector
  • User guidelines for abrasive wheels

How the Course Impacts Your Career

  • Makes your organisation more credible 
  • Ensures your recruitment easy in jobs related to handling abrasive wheels

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Construction managers
  • Carpenters
  • Site managers
  • Grinding mill employees
  • Welders

Module 01: About Abrasive Wheels
Module 02: Risk Assessment
Module 03: Safety Measures for Eliminating Risk – Part One
Module 04: Safety Measures for Eliminating Risk – Part Two
Module 05: Safety Measures for Eliminating Risk – Part Three

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