Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness

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Enrolled: 46 students
Duration: 2 Hours
Lectures: 4

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course is designed to give learners a statistics backed and data-driven information that plays a vital role in reducing the risk of infection during the pandemic. Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads faster than any other virus, making it one of the most feared viruses in recent history. To assure you are familiarised and adequately shielded in this desperate circumstance. In this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course, we have gathered all the information about COVID-19; its source, evolution, contamination manners, how it affects different age groups and ethnic groups. Furthermore, the modules discuss the symptoms and practices for taking sufficient precautionary measures introduced by UK government guidelines. With the help of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course, you will also know how to distinguish the patient and help save the patient and others’ lives by making the best decision.

With the knowledge of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course, you will learn to adjust with the new normal life, workplace. The variations among coronavirus SARS and MERS will also be explained in great detail. Suppose you are someone who is in a responsible position in the workplace or community. In that case, this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course will guide you through each step to undertake this challenging time.

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Course Objective

This course aims the learner to understand:

  • COVID-19 
  • Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
  • How did this virus emerge and ended up as a pandemic?
  • Contamination process of the virus
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Preventive measures
  • How to survive and win this deadly virus


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This Course Designed By Qualified Professionals.

There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

COVID-19 Pandemic 2020

Module 01: COVID-19: Emergent and Spreading
Module 02: Contamination, Symptoms and Case Determination of COVID-19
Module 03: Preventive Measures and Survival Strategies
Module 04: Remedies of COVID-19

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