Working In Confined Spaces

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Enrolled: 19 students
Duration: 2 Hours
Lectures: 5

Working in confined spaces is extremely risky. One needs to take proper precautions and training before working long hours in a small, compact area. Every year many people get seriously injured or even lose their lives owing to inadequate training, faulty equipment, and negligence.

The risks associated with working in confined spaces is widespread throughout the UK. Some 15 fatalities occur every year in the UK working in such a condition. The incidents are widespread over several industries and range from simple storage vessels to complex plants. And the reasons are mainly lack of proper supervision and training. That’s why both employers and employees need to undergo training relating to working in constricted spaces. 

Our Working In Confined Spaces Training course aims at equipping the workforce working in the relevant industry with appropriate knowledge. Our course will enable the learner to identify and assess the nature and extent of dangers of working within a small space. This will allow them to take precautionary and emergency measures when necessary. Additionally, they will understand the legislation passed to safeguard the welfare, health, and safety of those working inside and others who may be affected by the work activities. As a result, the risk associated in such workspaces will be reduced to a minimum. 

Why us?

  • Quality course developed by qualified professionals out of high quality and  updated resources
  • Easily demonstrated and interactive lessons almost diminish the gap between virtual and physical training.
  • CPD accredited courses!
  • We provide A well-recognised PDF certificate.
  • 100 per cent online self-paced courses with 24/7 tutor/customer support
  • Quickly adaptable and always available courses designed to learn in any device

Lessons we covered in this course.

  • A better understanding  of the dangers of working within confined spaces;
  • Procedures to assess and address risks; 
  • Identifying imposed regulatory practices and  employer responsibilities;
  • Taking necessary protective measures or conducting emergency procedures; and
  • Acquaintance with required safety equipment and apparatus

Skills you will master

  • Confined work environments
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Relevant legislation
  • Control measures and emergency measures

How the course impacts your career

  • Ensures safety within your premises
  • Makes your organisation more credible
  • Makes you credible in the case of recruitments in relevant positions

Career Paths:

  • Mining Industry
  • Storage Vessels
  • Engineering Industry
  • Excavation Industry
  • Exploration Industry
  • Mineral extraction Industry
  • Automobil industry


Once you complete all the modules of the course, you are required to write an assignment/sit on a multiple-choice exam. Our trainers assess the assignments. The pass mark of the Multiple Choice Question exam is 60%.

Working In Confined Spaces

Module 01: Working in Confined Spaces
Module 02:Risk Assessment
Module 03:Safety Measures
Module 04: Emergency Procedures

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