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What Type Of Learner Are You?

There are as many types of learners as there are people in the world, and we all absorb and process information in a slightly different way.

However, according to Neal Fleming, there are four main ways in which people learn information known as the VARK Modalities, and whilst most people can learn through all four, knowing which learning styles work best for you will let you select the right accredited online courses for you.

Here are the four main learning styles and how to take full advantage of them.

  1. Visual

Sometimes known as graphical, visual learners work best from diagrams and infographics, where placement, positioning, flow and structure are important and help more easily present information than words do.

For visual learners, the best way to take advantage of this is to make flow charts, spider diagrams and information charts that help to show different concepts in relation to each other.

  1. Auditory

These are learners that benefit best from hearing a concept out loud and thrive when listening to essays, taking part in problem-solving discussions and reciting ideas to themselves, as this helps to trigger their memory best.

The best way to learn as an auditory learner is not necessarily to recite, although that certainly does not hurt, but instead to say in your own words what the idea is, as this helps create a greater understanding.

  1. Read/Written

Whilst there are many new techniques and ways to learn, for this type of learner, the classic method of reading widely and writing effectively is the most ideal, and as a result many written learners will enjoy essays, reading reports and manuals.

The way to make the most of this type of learning is to take full advantage of that enthusiasm and read as widely around a topic as you can, as well as using web-based resources such as search engines and encyclopaedias.

  1. Kinaesthetic

Some learners study best by doing or seeing others complete a task, and being an effective kinaesthetic learner can help you pick up skills simply by seeing other people do them and getting a concrete sense of what to do.

Often the best courses for kinaesthetic learners are those with a practical component or with a lot of visual and tactile aids.

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